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MedEx Handbook

Compliance and Affirmative Action Plan

Internal Job Application

Operational Protocol

Icy Weather Tips

Icy Weather Tips II


 Policies & Procedures Updates:

Accident Investigation
Action Plan for Employees Exhibiting Inadequacies While on Duty
Backing Company Vehicles Policy
Change of Policies & Procedures
Child Safety on Ambulance
Child Safety on Ambulance
Classification of Employees
Classification of Employees
Closing Tickets 
Cocaine Drug Use Policy
Comp Time Form
Company Phone Usage
Company Withholding
Completing Field Tickets
Contract Unit 
Critical Incident Stress Management
Current Certification Timeline
Denial Corrections
Designated Records
Disciplinary Action Plan
Docking Pay_Field Tickets
Driver Screening Selection
Drug-Alcohol Release
Extreme Weather Policy
FFD Implementation
Fleet Safety
Formal Complaint Procedure
Fort Polk & MedComm procedures
Fuel Man Cards
Handling of Complaints Policy  
Harassment Policy 
Hazards That Give Rise to a Risk of Imminent Harm
HIPPA Privacy 
HIPPA Privacy Policy
Injury or Incident Guidelines
Injury/Incident Form
Injury/Incident Reporting Guidelines
Internal Audit Process Billing Department
Last Paycheck Distribution
Management Procedure on Docking Pay for Field Tickets
MedComm Procedures
MedEx Reimbursements
MedExp Medical Refusal EMP
MedExp Medical Refusal NON-EMP
Medic Call Refusal
Medical Records Of Employees
MedTrans Drivers Activation
New Hire Exam
Newly Discovered Safety and Health Concerns
NOTICE to Injured Workers
Observer Non-Disclosure
On Call Mechanics
Patient Access Amendment
Patient Access, Amendment and Restriction on Use of Protected Health Information
Patient Belongings
Patient Transporting Safety
Payroll Corrections
Phone Calls during Emergencies
Privacy Training 
QAQI Process for Billing Personnel
Radio Roll Call (MedComm)
Receipt Documentation
Recorded Lines
Recruitment and Selection Policy
Red Flag Compliance
Refusals & Treat No Transport
Request For Amendment To Protect Health Information
Rider Release
Rider Release
Sabine Crew Utilization 
Safe Parking and Unattended Ambulances
Safe Vehicle Operation
Safety Communication To Employees
Safety Maintenance Checklist
Security, Levels of Access and Limiting Disclosure and Use of PHI
Short Ticket 
Social Media Usage 
Third (3rd) Rider
Ticket QA/QI Process
Truck Decontamination Procedures
Twelve  Hour Truck
Use of Computer and Information Systems and Equipment
Vehicle Cleanliness
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Maintenance with New Field Ticket Envelopes 
White Ticket Usage